Wednesday, May 23, 2012



I haven't posted for a few days as we have had our friends Stan & Kay come to stay with us.  We have had a lovely week of chat and laughter, food and wine and lots of sunshine (except the weekend which we will try to forget - rained a lot Saturday and all day Sunday yuk!).  Anyway we had some nice trips out to the coast, one of which was to Concarneau where I discovered a newly opened shop which sells airplants!  I really love them as they are easy to keep and they remind me of my dear mum as she had one on her kitchen windowsill for many years which I bought her for Mother's day.  I have also been hanging onto a round terranium/fish bowl (!) for many years and which has moved with us from Littleborough to Bexhill to France and which had been on borrowed time as my hubbie decided that as it hadnt even been looked at for years that it would have to go!!  So I bought the airplants with this in mind and now it has a very good use and (if I say so myself) I think it makes a lovely home for the plants!  Here it is ....

Knowing me, I will change things around no doubt but rather pleased with how it looks at the moment.

Have made a few cards also since last posting.  I have been using stamps as a technique and colouring with Promarkers which I like the effect of together with some adhesive stones and/or glitter glue finish off a card nicely.  

Some of the cards I have sold to my friends and so I will have to get making some more, as I have several family birthdays in June and a wedding so need to get crafty busy!!  I have been gardening all day except for the airplant arrangement and may well go and mow another lawn next as it has cooled down a little.  Then dinner outside in the evening sunshine methinks!  Hoping the sunshine is here to stay a while.

Thanks for popping by!  Until next time ....


Monday, May 7, 2012

 Sunshine and Snakes

 Well, it's been a busy few days.  The weather has improved - still a bit showery but the gaps between the showers have got larger so I have been out in the garden catching up with planting and lots of weeding.  Unfortunately wet and warm = weeds!!! so there is a lot to do!  My tomato plants are nearly ready for planting so tomorrows job is turning over the soil in the polytunnel and setting up for planting.  Runner beans are also coming on a treat so will plant them out too as Stuart has built the framework already.  

We had some "fun" with the cats before the weekend.  My hubbie heard some frantic rustling under the large christmas tree in the orchard only to find our two cats playing with a snake!! We managed to get Elvis away fairly easily (he was just looking on to what Ella was doing) but I had to use a broom to shoo Ella away from the snake and get them both indoors with doors and catflap shut!  Not too keen having a snake in the grounds but we knew they were around but have never seen one before in all the 4 plus years we have lived here.  We think the long grass in the orchard possibly attracted it, as it had got longer than usual with all the rain we have had and therefore less opportunity to cut it.  Anyway, the snake must have bitten Ella as a small bump appeared on the top of her head so we started to worry.  I phoned our vet and he said to keep an eye on her but not to worry too much unless it started to swell any more.  Thankfully it didnt and after a few hours we let them go out again into the night for further hunting!  The snake came off worse however as the next day we found it headless and severely sucked within an inch of its life!!  I imagine Ella went back to get her revenge!!?

As to card making, I have made a card for my great nephew's fifth birthday.  Using some decoupage and doublesided papers, together with some stamped pawprints, I really love this cheeky chappy!  I hope my nephew will think the same.

That's all for now.  Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Well today has been lovely and warm and has allowed us to do a lot more work in the garden - hooray!  Today I have potted on some cherry tomato plants and sowed some flower seeds - alium, nasturtiums, everlasting flowers and some french annuals which I forget the names of for now.  I have also planted up another 4 flower troughs and an hanging basket for the garden.  Stuart managed to mow the orchard which had got rather long and so was a bit hard going but is now done.  However Stuart is wishing he had done it sooner (not possible because of the wet weather) as he investigated a commotion going on under our large christmas tree in the orchard only to find Elvis and Ella (our cats) playing with a snake!!  Stu hates snakes with a vengeance so it was down to me to prise the cats away from their new found plaything and get them to safety.  I believe it was an adder which I'm not shouting too loud about but it did manage to bite Ella.  She had a lump on top of her head after about an hour of the fight which was a bit scary and so I phoned the vet and explained what had happened.  He said it sounded like the bite was localised and told me to put some ice on it and keep an eye on her for a few hours.  Thankfully it did not get any worse and she seems to be fine.  A bit too much excitement for one afternoon me thinks!!

I have a few cards to post tomorrow from my craft afternoon yesterday so look out for them then.

That's all for today folks.  Thanks for popping by.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hi folks!  Hope your Tuesday is making you smile!  The weather here has finally brightened up and allowed us to work outside this morning - hooray!  I hate it when I'm stuck indoors for too long.  It does give an opportunity for some craftyness though but my garden also needs my attention and with all this rain everything is growing fast (including the weeds!)
I made a card for a friend's 60th this weekend using some free papers from the Flowers Special edition of Making Cards magazine.  I have pictured it below for you to see.  I added a "60" peel off sticker after I took the photo in the top right hand corner of the main daisy picture.  The papers in this magazine are lovely and I have made quite a few cards now using them.  Most of the cards were commissioned special cards for friends and family which I love to make.  Please take a look at my gallery to see some more cards I have made recently.

  Well, that's all for the time being.  I'm off to do a spot of planting in the polytunnel now as it has started to rain again! so the planned weeding will have to wait (what a shame!!!)

Hope the sun is shining where you are!